►KG Section

The children are given basic reading and writing skills along with various training for personality developments. The basic concepts of alphabets, simple words, numerical, rhymes and stories and drawing colouring constitute the syllabus.

►Primary Section

The children are given a continuation of the topics learned in the KG classes and are advanced ahead to learn new and tough concepts under various subjects. For classes I to V we follow the private books as per the standards of NCERT and CBSC in order to make the children to pick up easily the NCERT syllabus from class VI.

►Higher Section

For the high school, we follow the NCERT syllabus of CBSC to support the textbook knowledge, extra study materials and work books are supplied to the children to enhance their learning skills and scientific outlook.

►IIT Foundation Courses

Along with the regular academic programmes , the school provides facilities for IIT foundation courses for the interested students of classes VI to X. Special coaching in mathematics and physical science are given with multimedia presentations, regular tests and evaluations. Here the children are given extra information and guidance by well- experienced faculty to become the catalysts of the classes for the academic excellence.